Since my decision to create assemblages and other art-peaces as ongoing process – speaking of April 2013, I was stimulated by comments of other artists: some response are copied below:


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen (NL), reactie op “Bug-on-the-roof” en bijbehorende tekst “De tekst is al kunst op zich.... prachtig en geeft me een smile. Boeiend object en foto”.

Antonio Basso (Yasoypintor, US), comparing “Het Hoge Huis / The High Building” with work by Lucio Munoz “At first sight there seem to be some apparent similarities . . .”

Arnoud Venema (NL), reactie op site en foto's: “de poëtische bijschriften bij je foto's vormen een fraai geheel met de beelden!”

David Brodie (US), reaction to site: “Personally I like all the new work, it's so positive, well done!”

Wim Biewenga (NL), reactie op site: Je ruimtelijk werk heeft ,althans voor mijn gevoel, wel overtuiging, vooral door de duidelijkheid van de structuur. Evenals je gedichten met een minimalistisch karakter.”

Jolande Vermeulen (NL), reactie op “Fah-brique”: O, geweldig! Een foto vanuit een lager standpunt lijkt me ook erg mooi!

Bruce Gray (US), response to site: Cool work. Cheers!

Jud Turner (US) reaction to website: Hi - thanks for the kind words about my work! I enjoyed your art as well.

Fons Heijnsbroek (NL), reactie op website: “Mooie fotoos zitten er bij. Zet ze toch op Flickr, dan zijn ze prachtig groot in de dia-show te zien”. (suggestie opgevolgd)

Simon (, reaction to “Fah-brique / Fact-ohry”: “I like your model, it looks good! What scale is it?”

Kelly Gough (Canada), reaction to website: “I enjoy your work. Thank you for connecting with me. Art is so many things to so many people and it is all valid and important. Thank you for sharing your work”.

Sabine Passauer (Hauser & Wirth, Germany): reaction to website “Thank you very much for your kind e-mail introducing to us your work. We wish you every success with forthcoming projects”.

Michael Wilson (US), reaction to website: “very good of you to write me. your works of art assemblage are of interest to me”

Bette Linderman (US), reaction to website: “I had a chance to look at your work. I especially like your photographs - "transparent" is really quite beautiful piece (photograph). Also liked assemblage pieces, particularly "fact-ohry" and the idea of coupling your artwork with original poems. Very nice. "Fact-ohry" is a very interesting piece; looking at all the detail and pieces, one almost expects the piece to spring to life. Best wishes on your continued success in your art making”.

Scott Rolfe (US), reaction to website: “Checking out your site: I like how a lot of your photos have found and abandoned objects as subjects”.

Dale Copeland (New Zealand), reaction to website: “I have enjoyed looking at your website. And I love your word rushmoors for mushrooms. I’ll now call them that always.”

Nathalie de Pasquier (France), reaction to website: “Thank you Mr Meurtant for this message, for me a good way to start my day looking at someone else's work . . .”

Dan Snowe (Company of Stone, Canada), reaction to website: “Nice work! Wishing you all the best with your shift into the arts. Thanks for the tip about the Assemblage site and for being in touch.”

Steve Bradford (US), reaction to website: “My early stuff was very monochrome (influenced by Louise Nevelson and HR Giger) and more recently I've been using more color, so I was interested in what you're doing with assemblage in bright colors. I like your work very much!”

Karrie Hovey (US) response to Meurtant's War Against Global Warming (on Pinterest): “Keep creating and reusing resources and continue doing what you can to save our warming, drowning, choking planet”.

Allison Lane (US), reaction to website: “Thank you so much for contacting me and sharing your art. Your work is simply stunning! And a real true representation of Assemblage Art! I love that all your materials have purpose and a story behind them. What you do is fantastic! I love it. I will continue to follow your work!”

Allen B. Cutler (US), reaction to art: “I found your work by searching for “Pont d’Allure.” That is a lovely piece, in fact quite moving.”

Janek Schaefer (UK) in reaction to sculptures at website: “assemblage – well this appears to be your form of sculpture exactly...”

Janet Bajorek (US), reacting to website: “I did visit your website and enjoyed your recycled materials artwork. Your work is more spontaneous and loose - I like that aspect. Since the patterns I use are more finished and regular, my works are more geometric and ordered. I am sure you enjoy the challenge, as well as the results, of working with remnants of formerly useful objects.”

Lucas Derks (NL) in reactie op enkele werken: “Ik heb met Angelika naar Settecolore en Reflection gekeken. Ik vind Settecolore heel mooi . . . echt heerlijk van kleur en expressief. Het is een top stuk. Dat bordeaux rood en dat wit en blauw werken echt heerlijk op elkaar in. Ook de gevarieerdheid van de vormen, de eenheid in type vormen van de kleurvlakken en toch hun variatie is echt super uitgevoerd. De derde dimensie is functioneel. Dat is zeker niet te veel, maar voegt iets toe, waardoor je brein het meer als een ding gaat waarnemen: de nieuwsgierigheid komt: wat voor ding. Bij Reflection is die spiraal echt heel mooi van verhouding. Past er prachtig in en bind alles tezamen, waardoor het een echte eenheid van beeld geeft.
(Lucas Derks, oud docent werkschuit Zeist-Bilthoven, kunstacademies Rotterdam, Arnhem, Den Bosch en Utrecht)


Marcus Buyan (Australia), reation to art: “Keep going, keep going... I love your recent sculptures!! I love the energy, the concerns for the environment, the construction and conceptualisation. Keep them free and not contained by unwanted concerns.”

Louise Strawbridge (USA), reaction to art: “well i must say you are bounding out of the starting gate making pretty out-there, disturbing pieces. congrats and press on. thank you for writing about my work - gave me a good lift to read it..… best of luck with your continuing work - you are already well on your way! (I also started making art pieces later in life after another career - and never looked back).”

Kees van Cappellen (NL), reactie op werk: “Jij laat heel interessante dingen zien én ervaren en ik zie overeenkomsten in onze belevingswereld.”

Uku Sepsivart (Estonia) “it was great to see you flickr!” ( photostream by DM)

Justin Barry Kelly (France): response to site: “Love your work. I look forward to seeing your pieces as you post them. Am impressed by the size of some of them.”

d'Arcy Guerin Gue (US) : response to art: “Playful, intellectually challenging, and personally expressive. Not to mention, reflective of the great beauty surrounding us. All very necessary in the human experience, don't you think? “

Janis 'Calamityjan'(Canada) reaction to photostream on flickr: … .”I've just spent a couple of moments looking through the first page of your stream and am very impressed with your eye for urban abstracts”

Murat Savaskan (Turkey): response to photographs: “Dear Drager, I loved your photos; your being is a value itself. Keep up the good work.

2015 (just an example)

Catherine Mommson Scott (US): reaction to flickr photostream: “Just took a quick look at your photostream (will go back and take a more thorough stroll) and I can see that you have a lovely talent and good eye for composition.”

2016 (just a few example)

Justin Barrie Kelly: I particularly like these low reliefs that you do Drager. They are always very individual, original and they repay further reflection. I would encourage anyone interested in assemblage art to read Drager's essay on assemblage here:
I have not come across an academic treatment of the subject put across in such a fashion before and it is well worth reading.

Shein Die (comment on collage-assemblage Another Creation:  I enjoy very much looking at it LARGE ~
so much artistry, texture, unique collage with great interest.
A lot of work and thought has gone into this Box Assemblage Collage which I take my time to absorb ... your poetry, talent, photography, art, paintings and assemblages I appreciate and look forward to..... I wish you and yours good health, emotional satisfaction and I feel happy and blessed to 'know' you, my good friend.


stopped archiving comments in 2016